His overseas Aikido Seminars, aikido Yamaguchi Sensei

Seigo Yamaguchi sensei early started his Aikido teaching career in overseas countries. First occasion was going to teach Aikido to Burma's (Myanmar) national army as a Japanese national mission. It was cultural mission and also part of the compensation for the former War. Since 1977 he visited many regions such as South and North America (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, New York, Hawaii, Canada), and Europe (France, Germany, UK, Swiss, Belgium, Denmark). Among these countries Europe was major region and especially France was principal country for his activity of Aikido.

In Europe

The first special seminar in Paris was held in 1977 and it was continuously organized until 1995 except 1989 because he lost his daughter this year. During these periods many participants were gathered and the number of people grew year by year between 200 and 450. In Germany and U.K. main bases were Mannheim University and Oxford University, respectively and people came to these Dojos from everywhere. He even gave speeches about Aikido and they are left in his notebook. It is notable and memorable that some key persons (French and German) played major role in order to realize these seminars. One day if there is an opportunity, I would like to express my personal thanks towards their effort for the seminars as a family member of Yamaguchi.

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